Held to Ransom

We place so much emphasis on the value of hardware. If its tangible be it a building a computer or a desk, if it can be seen or touched we automatically assume that it must be worth something. We forget that when it comes to business the real value is not always in something physical.  

Philosophers say “knowledge is power”, as an IT company we know that “knowledge is DATA”. 

The 1’s and 0’s that make the building blocks of your information on your servers, that’s where your power is. Combine these digits and present them in format that you can relate to, be it a ‘Demographic’ or a ‘Video’ and only then do you begin to understand that it’s not necessarily what’s in front of you. 

WannaCry is a malicious piece of software known as Ransomware, its’ objective is to make you want to do as its name suggests. One click of your mouse and that file you were working on is now about as useful as a chocolate tea pot. There is no amount of “turning it off and on again” to provide you with any solace. 

As IT professionals it’s our job to advise and make sure that your systems are redundant however, for all that advice there is a cost. To have a backup, of a backup, of a backup, means you now need to purchase 3 disks instead of 1.  

Can you see where I am going?  

Let’s add the evolution of WannaCry, that’s right just like us humans ‘Ransomware’ does the same it evolves. Not only are your local drives at risk, clever programming allows this software to access your network share. What’s more if you are connected to the cloud you have given this a one-way ticket, much like a flea on your dog, the longer its stays the more it’s going to cost. 

Its nothing you will not have heard before and for all the scaremongering,  we know that there is nearly always a way of recovery.

The real question is how much it is going to cost your business before you can be productive again? This does depend on the amount of data, the number of files and size. 1 day out of your business is an expense we could seldom do without. 

Is there a point? Yes Yes Yes, I am getting to it, remember our 1’s and 0’s? 

ZFS provides block level encryption, it’s the underlying storage foundation that all SOFTWARE sits on, and it only see’s 1 and 0’s. As a result of this it’s NOT at the mercy of Ransomware.  

Whether you are a small team or an enterprise organisation. If your files are encrypted a simple revert in time to where things were working and you can continue, almost as if nothing happened. If it sounds too simple and too good to be true let me enlighten you, it really is and the best part, this technology is FREE. 

ZFS technology allows us to harness the true power of Opensource. While being available to MacOS it’s the Snapshotting feature that comes with the likes of Freenas, SAN or NAS storage systems that proves to be the most powerful tool in its arsenal, one that can restore you and your business. 

That’s why at Northern I.T we run all our Data Centres’ on ZFS Technology. 

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