The whole world is on lock-down due to the infamous coronavirus, this has unfortunately taken victims, for whom which all our deepest sympathies and thoughts are with.  Schools and businesses and are on red alert and on the brink of closure. 

The importance of following steps to prevent contamination cannot be emphasised so much right now. 

  • Washing your hands frequently  
  • Catching your sneeze/cough in a tissue 
  • Thrown away tissues 
  • Avoid close physical contact with someone that is ill 
  • Avoid touching face with unwashed hands 

So, we now wonder, how would this impact your business? The lack of trade, staff unable to work; would your business survive the need for staff to remain isolated at home… 

We already have use of technologies like skype or zoom to attend meetings that would normally have included a journey, car, bus, train or a plane. 

Its normal to have your sales team and managers working remotely while having access to emails and the company intranet etc; However, some staff will need access to data, your CRM and software that is restricted to the office network. 

Very few of us are prepared for a whole office to be out due to the impact of Coronavirus. 

There are several companies that have already embraced Cloud Solutions, empowering their employees to work from just about anywhere while keeping data and software secure. 

In today’s modern world, whole organisations can work from any location, home, office, coffee shop and getting more frequent, without the need for an office. 

In the IT world we always say prepare for the worst, whether it’s your servers or your paper files, always have a backup plan.  

No-one can prepare for us for this; the worlds health is ultimately the only true thing of value.   

That’s why it’s important for us to be “Better Connected Together”, as people, as companies and for our IT communications. 

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