Ok, ok I will be the first one to admit it was not too long ago that I was praising Microsoft, after several errors, mainly Windows 8 I felt like they had got something right.  

In a twitter post not too long ago; I pretty much cemented our relationship, apart from the actual proposal it felt like a match made in heaven. 

Just like so many great relationships there are bumpy rides, for the worst-case scenario a parting of ways, let you tell me about mine and how the divorce happened. 

As news filled the internet over many months, I stood resolute. My laptop would be up and running, from the moment I powered and had me on to the desktop in under 15 seconds. You would almost see my arrogant smugness as I would peruse the office, I could see the angry faces responding yet to another blue screen, life for me was pretty peachy. 

Then it started, talk about the calm before the storm no warning just the infamous “Blue Screen Of Death”.  

For those that remember the screens, Microsoft’s current take on problems lulls you into a false sense of security. A screen which was previously filled with, what can only be described as “one of Einstein’s Blackboards on steroids”, has now been replaced with a light blue background delivering a softer message, the truth be known, it packs a harder punch. 

With occurrences happening daily I began my diagnosis from display drivers through to sound and nothing was left unturned; this was not going to get the better of me. 

My misery was down to what should have been a simple windows update, a huge sigh and that was mission accomplished, so I thought.  A few days later and a repeat occurrence, this time I discovered I could not shutdown my laptop.   

Coupled with more Blue Screens my frustration started to show, a crash halfway through a conference call led me to take further investigations, yet another update affecting my network adapter. The laptop that had served me so well for the last 4 years, yes 4; was moments from being torn apart with my bare hands. 

I work from our Hosted Desktop platform from within and out of the office; all I really need is a device and an internet connection.  

What I say next is said through gritted teeth,  “I could have just as easily worked from an IPAD”,  

All I needed a was a device, as much as I’m out of favour with an Ipad the truth is it would have served a purpose and served it well; it would have given me the reliability I needed. 

If I am honest, lurking in the back of my mind, the choice to switch had already been made. With Ubuntu now loaded onto my machine, I have restored continuity to my life. I no longer wait for my machine to render me useless as a result of an update, I can say that my life is better than peachy. 

In an already uncertain time, it’s the little things that seem to provide solitude, with Ubuntu that solitude is not even at a cost, its FREE. 

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