Not worthy of a 21-gun salute, but in your own way, I think that everyone needs to remember; at least for a few “Microsoft Minutes”.

As we were all forewarned; the 14th of Jan came in a flash. You would have been barely kissing in the new year, then 2 weeks later, you were kissing something goodbye.  Something that has been very much part of your life for the last 10 years. Of course, you tend to reminisce on all the hard times, but it’s the good times I think you should remember. That smooth nice exterior, the ease in which it could manipulate the way you worked your fingers, that’s all but a memory

You may not know that individual who sits as his own desk on the opposite side of the globe, but through a simple medium you had a basic connection. It’s almost un-noticeable that both your actions mimic millions of others, daily. Such is the influence of the Windows OS; something which started way back with Windows NT. So with Windows 7, do we say goodbye to a way of life?

Windows 10 forces us to try and make a change, which has been noticeable since its initiation. However; even Windows as a company, have recognised that many of the features that have been around since the beginning of its time, are ingrained. Not just in the way we work, but also in the way that we communicate; having to, a few times, revert and put features back. They won’t admit it, but were they wrong?

So away from sentiment, what’s in store for those who are still working with “Legacy” software.

Google have said that they will continue to support their browser on Windows 7 until 15 July 2021 to the very least. However, those in the know, realise, that for Hackers, this is only one-way in.

Running good antivirus and malware is a must now, so will that free version stand up to the mark? Time will tell.

Remember, you still have your own personal IT support, but in all honesty, what can they do to the Windows 7 OS? without compromising security.

We all know the recent and ongoing issues with Windows 10 and there are options, Linux or Apple Mac. However; these propose a bigger challenge for non-technical people. You just want your pc/laptop to work out of the box

Whatever you choose there is not getting away from it, change is inevitable. so long; Windows 7.

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