Microsoft have advised that going forward their 32 bit architecture will cease and subsequent operating systems will be run on 64 bit. “STOP YAWNING” geek or not you need to hear me out, trust me when I say we are trying to save you money, in the long term you will thank us.   

Imagine this, in fact don’t; the following scenario will have undoubtably have happened to many of you, especially if you are childish like me.  

Your trolley filled to the brim; you load your items onto the conveyer. With a quick nod a brisk walk, your hands are poised as you eagerly await the first item. 

The tension equivalent to what only described as a good old-fashioned western shootout.  Yes, you are food shopping.

Blip………………………………. Blip………………………………. Blip………………………………. Blip.   

Meanwhile from the checkout alongside to your annoyance, all you can hear is Blip..Blip..Blip..Blip..Blip..Blip..Blip. A wry smile from your fellow shopper, a glance at their bags and you realise that the one highlight of this regular mundane task is over. 

Several factors influence performance of each cashier the width of the conveyor belt the number of items that they can process the size of the items, the list goes on. In simple laymen’s terms the till next to you is running at 64bits while yours, 32bits. 

The same applies to your machine, if you have a has a 32bit CPU then someone will have to, in the long term, invest. Microsoft have not given timescales as to when support will cease but one thing is for sure, the change will happen.  

It leaves you asking or wondering, with everything else going on in the world how are these changes going to affect your business personal or financially, licencing and new hardware costs can run into the thousands?  

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In the meantime, Stay Safe, Stay 64 Bit 

Check your own machine with our simple steps. (below)

Windows 8 and 10 (CPU and Operating System)  
Open File Explorer (Windows Key + E)  
Right click On This PC, then left click on properties.  
In the new window find “System Type”   

Earlier Systems (CPU)  

Click Start / All Programs   
Open the Accessories folder, Click System Tools and then select System Information  
In the new window find “System Type”  

X86 = 32 BIT CPU   X64 = 64 BIT CPU  

Earlier Systems (Operating System)  

From the Start Menu find Control Panel    
Click the System Icon  
In the General Tab you see your Operating System  

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