South West Durham Business Centre, Shildon, DL4 2QN

Repairs and Upgrades

Desktops, Laptops, Servers and Mobile Devices, We repair it all!

Our state of the art Workshops, 3 of, across the North of England; are all  equipped with the best in-class diagnostic and repair tools to quickly and effectively repair, upgrade or reinstall you devices.

Featuring tools from HP, Dell and our Data Recovery partner we have everything needed to meet most of our customer’s requirements.

All our facilities are secured with Locked Doors, Constant CCTV monitoring, alarms. Controlled access to the building and their locations are kept secret from public advertisements; all this to ensure your assets and data remain safe.

We have access to warehouses that can dispatch replacement parts on the same-day.

Should our engineer not be able to repair your equipment onsite; our Workshops equipped with replacement parts shall get you back online pronto.

Our Workshops are built with a Clean Room, used for repairing damaged “hard drives”. All the workbenches are all designed with Anti-Static protection.

Rest assured, what ever the issue is; we can sort it out one-way or another

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