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VOIP Telecommunications and Internet Services

VOIP Telecommunications

Bring the accessibility of the internet to your telecommunications, VOIP technologies removes the bounding restrictions of the copper lines traveling into your office today and makes this communications infrastructure securely accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

VOIP lets your make and receive calls just as if you were at the office, from the office or our and about.

With the added capabilities of accessing voicemail, transferring calls around your organisation, viewing who is on the phone and presenting your callers with professional on-hold music; VOIP really is the way forward as long as it is implemented correctly.

By digitizing your telecome with the power of VOIP your company address book and contracts are now accessible through the VOIP Smartphone App, Desk phone and Computer Client.

The extra little features like Click 2 Dial make VOIP a little easier when calling your contacts from your CRM, a simple right-click on a number and Call with have your phone on your desk or smartphone app automatically start dialling. No more incorrectly dialling numbers!

The accessibility of VOIP enables your multiple sites to be unified into a single communications platform, enabling better, more direct communications between your employees.

Additional Services

Mobile One
Smartphone App
CRM Integration

Unified Communications

Unified Communications, or VOIP on steroids, takes communications to the next level. Unified Communications or UC integrates Real-time Chat Messaging as well as Video and Web Conferencing which brings your company better collaboration and communications with your vendors, partners, teams and customers.

The days of having a system for this and another system for that in regard to communications are gone!

Truly Reliable, Fast Internet

Internet not only needs to be fast in these modern days, but it needs to be reliable too.

More and more businesses are becoming dependant on Cloud Services. Unreliable internet can have detrimental impact on your business, how much would downtime cost you in lost revenue?

Email, Online CRMs, it’s all moving to the cloud. No matter how reliable your cloud service is, is useless without an internet connection, even the big corporate giants like Microsoft have been known to have a service outage.

Did you know that BT OpenReach are planning to stop maintaining the aging old copper wires in the ground by 2028, these degrading wires are one of the primary causes for failed internet service, due to water flooding to oxidization, there has to be a better solution.

Here comes our 4G Backup, soon to become 5G. Using the conventional BT cables in the ground, we use a high-speed wireless mobile network to act as a backup internet connection. This waits on standby for when your company needs it the most, now here is the truly unbelievable part; this backup internet connection is completely FREE!

All internet services from Northern I.T come with 4G and soon to be 5G as standard, because we truly value the importance for your business to remain online.

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