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Proactive Monitoring

Address up to 70% of problems before they happen!

Proactive Monitoring helps to prevent unexpected downtime, loss of data, while allowing corrective measures to be taken before issues occur.

Our monitoring system, aptly named Big Brother, keeps an eye on the performance and health of your organisations I.T 24/7.

Proactive Monitoring allows our engineers to act on problems before our you are even aware of them.

We currently monitor

                • Servers
                • Network
                • Internet connections
                • Backups
                • Website Online/Offline
                • Network Security
                • Regulatory Compliance
                • Cloud Services

And so much more….

We use the best in-class monitoring technologies. Our monitoring is so much more than just notifying us if a resource is Online or Offline.

Proactive Monitoring enables our engineers to actively keep an eye on your complete computer system.  Should your organisations start growing along with the demand for I.T; our monitoring can assist with ensuring that you have enough resources in place for your company to grow..

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