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Data Recovery

We are here for when the worst comes to the worst…

Data Recover may just save the day for when your hardware breaks down or your backups are lost or simply none existent.

We have access to professional tools that aid data recovery. We find the increasing value of data is having significant consequences on more and more businesses in this technical age.

We are saddened to see the number of customers, who thought their data is safe, having to resort to data recovery services because of their failed backups.

How often do you test your backups?

We have recovered data, in-house and through our partner, for customers who suffered from natural disasters to accidents like spilling a cup of coffee.

Here at Northern I.T, we firstly evaluate the extent of the damage to your Hard Drives, USB Memory Sticks and other storage devices and determine if our in-house services or Data Recovery partner are best suited for the job. After this free assessment, we generate a report with estimates on what and how much data can be recovered.

With the best in-field techniques and technologies, our experts are far more likely to recover your data with our partner having their own Research and Development department who constantly discover new methods for recovering data.

Either way, your data is our priority

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