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Computer Security

Trust Us, we are far better than a Lem-Sip!

There is nothing worse than a computer crashing when you were in the middle of writing the really long Word document!

Viruses, Trojans, Worms and Ransomware; it sounds like a infestation. The impact from computer viruses are becoming more significant with the introduction of Ransomware such as WanaCry.

It has been found this horrible piece of software that holds companies ransom to their data was originally sourced from smaller viruses found in emails. These smaller viruses eventually open the doors to more serious malicious code like Trojans and Ransomware.

Because of the rapid growth of how these nasty bits of software are developing, we need to stay one step further with our tools, techniques and protective measures.

Cost of Downtime and Loss of Data

The loss of data is the real cost factor, the value of businesses tends to be the value of the data it holds. In addition, the loss of business because of downtime results continuous cost while computer systems are down.

Our Tools

Using a combination of Backups, Effective Antivirus and potentially reverse engineering we can get companies backup on their feet quickly should the worst comes to the worst.

We constantly renew our Antivirus Partnerships to ensure our customers get the most effective solution on the market today.

Preventing Infection

When employing Next-Generation defence technologies we can stop these nasty bits of code before they get to your network. Next-Generation protection technologies use machine learning, powered by the cloud, to learn and determine if a piece of software is genuine or has a potential to cause harm. With a learning based defence you can be reassured with having a greater chance of staying further ahead in the game than the hackers.

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