The use of Microsoft Teams has been well documented recently. Social platforms, news sites and even adverts show how this product can help sustain their business and employees’ futures. The input of MS Teams in the fight against COVID-19 is well advertised. 

Exchange, Planner, OneNote, Chat and even Yammer, wrapped in one cover. With a few tweaks we think that Teams is strong enough to serve as a communication and collaboration tool for every business, at least for the foreseeable future. 

However, there are is always a but and we think an important one. 

Backups in your normal work environment are taken care of by your IT team. When it comes to MS Teams Data and Chat we do recommend airing on the side of caution. Microsoft currently does not provide a tool that backups you Teams data in its entirety for example, 

Teams Chats  

All Teams Chats get stored within a hidden folder on the users’ 365 Exchange mailbox, so you need a Microsoft 365 subscription.  

Teams Files  

When you are sending, saving or even viewing files, these are done through the native client, either OneDrive or SharePoint. There are tools within these applications to back up your files  

Several Microsoft Partners provide tools that serve as a complete backup solution, let’s face it having to back up each component would take time and you could never be sure that you got everything.  

There is no denying, Microsoft Teams is a product for the now, lets wait for the future.

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