With the world facing more pressing issues, problems with Microsoft’s current consumer operating system Windows 10, remains under the radar.  

As we face further restrictions to our four walls the need for technology, yes that’s right “the need”, is keeping most of us sane. So let me tell you about our recent plight. 

We were recently forced into buying a new machine, nothing fancy just something lightweight to run our Hosted Desktop solution.  Nothing wrong with the make, I for one am fond of this brand however, within 24 hours of the purchase we had issues logging in. 

After a little diagnostic “turn it off and on again”, in truth it was a little more, we determined a Windows Update had caused the issue. Some more time searching the internet and our findings were confirmed by other sources. 

Wherever you look on the internet, it’s difficult not to find a story/article where Windows 10 comes into scrutiny, whether it’s around security or a cosmetic feature. These issues have been around since the release. I for one cannot wait for the next release, assuming they fix all the bugs.  

You as the consumer need to understand that there are restrictions when it comes to proprietary software. If the issue is with the software provider, no amount of shouting will get your IT team to fix something out of their control.  

So, what if the next release of Windows causes just as many issues, it feels like we have been left with little or no option, or have we? 

As with everything, you need a backup solution. I for one have set my laptop to dual-boot, Linux Ubuntu alongside Windows 10. Issues with one then I just login to the other.  With Liniux being Opensource technology, it comes at no extra cost 

As IT professionals, our job is to plan for the worse. I myself have had countless meetings advising companies the benefits of Hosted Desktop and the reasons behind this tech.  

It’s a shame that it takes something like the current pandemic for businesses to ask themselves what if.

The truth is, it’s never too late. 

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