The community has laid Windows 7 to rest and it’s fair to say Microsoft didn’t give us much of a choice. I for one, have not been overwhelmed with Windows 10 but I accept the fact that life is about progression and you work with what you get.

The truth is with Windows 10, we have got a system that appears to have more holes than a fishing net. The recent exposure of updates not installing, to various security flaws being exposed. For everyone in the IT community, it’s a very twitchy time.

Well, is it a clever ploy from Microsoft or a genuine mistake? For all the publicity that Northern I.T is doing to deploy their Hosted Desktop solution all we needed was to wait for January the 14th 2020. The end of Windows 7.

You must ask yourself, where this is going and what are my choices?

It is fair to say that Hosted Desktops is to be the way forward for many small and medium companies? It takes out a lot of the complications and puts it in the hands of true IT professionals. The security, managing, accessibility it’s hard to find a negative scenario, check out our Hosted Desktop

As we have always said, every piece of technology has a place, from Opensource through to Windows.

Will Windows 10 improve? there is no doubt that it will. Let’s face it, it cannot get any worse. While there is an element of risk of being compromised, are you not better off putting your faith in something proven? After all, will your customers allow you to have a second chance?

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