As more businesses increase in size, office space is becoming a highly expensive commodity. Subsequently employers are offering the enticing prospect of working from home, not only cutting their own costs but in the same time providing employees a better working environment. Let’s be honest, that 1-hour commute to work, a 9-hour day and then maybe a longer commute back. By Thursday, the only wish for the employee is to somehow get through to Friday night.

Back in 2017 a Stanford professor Nicholas Bloom, carried out a study and found that the benefits of this far outweigh the negatives. Not only was there a saving in cost of office space, productivity was increased as much as one full day. Not to mention the reduction in the carbon footprint.

Along with computers, peripherals and software licencing all, aspects that incur a significant cost. Add in the support and maintenance and these costs increase significantly.

Allowing your employees to work from the comfort of their own home, without compromising the security of your organisation, can only be a win win situation for both.

Reducing the cost of office space and hardware, allowing employees to use their own devices to access the network resource, let’s be honest, who doesn’t own a laptop/pc or a tablet these days? is there a negative in any of this?

Security, well two-factor, is a term thrown around like confetti and so it should be, but do people know its power?  Hosted Desktop already encompasses the fact that your information is isolated, however, someone who has overheard your password can now potentially access your whole system.

Well unless they have your phone, it’s highly unlikely. When was the last time you were without your it, in fact, most people check this is on the beside cabinet prior to getting out of bed, such is the reliance?

So, is there a place for Hosted Desktop? The answer; of course. Increasing costs of office space, hardware, software, to the environmental constraints like increasing population, all these influence the way in which we construct our business. There is a right place and a right time for everything. Hosted Desktop is the right solution.

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