Such is the necessity to work 24/7 it seems like, that extra minute away from your desk reduces your productivity or puts you somewhat down the pecking order in the office. Then, there are those that have no choice but to work out on the field, whether to fix that broken printer or endure back to back meetings.

Whether you are just starting out or established, your ability to access your information securely and remotely, has now become crucial in everyday work life.

 VPN’s are a source, but this technology tends to provide a low navigation speed and you are required to login to your ISP, then, subsequently into your VPN. While you are rushing into that meeting these extra steps seem like an eternity.

What if you have left a document open on your desktop and the auto-save feature has not kicked in? VPN or not, this is an issue that can lead to a loss of work and time, not very efficient is it?

A plausible problem?

Remote Desktop and Citrix offer you something more than just that. Let’s look at Citrix another time and concentrate on Remote Desktop.

Remote desktop is a program or an operating system feature that allows a user to connect to a computer in another location, see that computer’s desktop and interact with it as if it were local.

What are the benefits?

Security – You connect to another device instead of sending information back and forth. This prevents interaction of third parties, which alone, could have their own security flaws.

Save Money – Using an application that is running on a powerful server in a datacentre, takes away the costs that you incur for hardware, whether it’s providing desktop machines in the office or hard disks to transfer data across sites.

Remote Working – With remote access you don’t need to download expensive software on to home computers or carry around hard disks with sensitive information. You can offer the ability to work from home as a perk.

Added Security – With two factor-authentication you can be assured that if your password is compromised, your systems are not.

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