While standing on a ladder installing cables and truncking into a care home late last week (evidence thanks to Laurie) it dawned on me, how many individuals who attend countless meetings are or even able to utilise their manual skills, what’s more do they have any?

When Laurie asked me to join Northern I.T it was because of the values we share. We agreed that understanding each role and its requirements was the basis of a good structured organisation, something that all employees would and will be encouraged to do.

As a Director my role isn’t always just getting that high score on solitaire, I talk to my mum on occasions.

Joking apart, with government restrictions being relaxed there are still many questions regarding staff on the furlough scheme. With so much uncertainty we asked ourselves how have we been able to still operate as an organisation?

Having previously worked in several different roles, technological and non-IT, I have amassed a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience. So far as to say even having to unload lorry loads of cow hide in a warehouse, in my hometown all those years ago, albeit for 2 weeks.

These experiences good or bad, IT related or not, have given us the ability to adapt. By using knowledge and experience from what seems like light years ago, we have been able to be productive with a minimal workforce. By not being afraid to get our hands dirty I would like to think that we have led by example.

We want to ensure that our employees have something to come back to. What I can certainly say is by being able to adapt we have given them and us a fighting chance.  Can I expect an employee to step up into my shoes? I hope so, that’s what aspirations are for, its up to us to give them the right resources.

Larger businesses have their own contingencies but for small or medium ones, that option to cross train your employees and not without reward, is hindsight right now. Let’s be honest the financial resources were never there. The truth is, this may be the difference between survival.

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