So what do we mean by this?… well let’s talk about it!

When we talk about being Better Connected Together, as an IT company we are not just talking about communications, telecoms and computers! We are talking about Society, People and Communities.

The continuous development of communications and technology really has improved society, the creation of jobs, growth of businesses but also the lifestyle it has given us. We are now able to speak to loved ones and colleagues at the other side of the planet just as if they were in the same room.

The role technologies have in Education and Healthcare, and how it provides access to information on demand while removing the limitation to knowledge restricted to the local community. The internet has enabled individuals to access a global catalogue of knowledge, ask questions and share ideas that benefit society with those at the other end of the world.

So now that we are becoming Better Connected Together, how can we change society further?

Let’s look at a new way of working, like from Home?

Technologies such as Hosted Desktop and Cloud Hosted Telephone Systems enable individuals to work from home just as if they were in the office. Having the ability to access a secure corporate desktop and its applications from anywhere really does allow a more flexible homework life balance.

One example is the #Coronavirus, staff having to self-isolate, can you imagine how that would affect a business and the economy? Having access to the above technologies could reduce the total impact this pandemic may have while ensuring this virus is isolated and ultimately defeated!

At Northern I.T, we don’t just look at the technology, but the benefits on Society, Communities and Business.

It’s all about being Better Connected Together

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