Warning, this Blog may Scare you 

It is important to understand that every ‘Real Estate’ based company have a significant amount of personal data on their systems; birth certificates, bank account, passports and that’s just the tip of the iceberg here.   

So Ask yourself, how secure is it?  If someone has their details cloned from a hack involving your computers, what position does that put you in? 

We say YOU, because under the new General Data Protection Regulations, it’s not the business who is legally responsible, but you as a person. This means, should an individual be impacted by a security breach, you as a person is legally comparable. In the worst case, this could entail a prison sentence if you were found to be negligent. 

We are not saying this to scare you, but it’s a vital piece of information that people appear to have unaware of. 

In the IT industry, not a day goes by where we don’t hear of someone who has a website hacked or their credit card details compromised

Let’s think back, ever had that email with the title “Joke”, did you open it? or maybe you clicked that flashing button on that website the other week? 

If there was anything malicious behind that email or the flashing button, the damages can be disastrous, not to forget how it could impact your reputation.  

The amount of time to restore your systems can cost your business thousands in some cases. Your data is far more valuable than your physical computers; what would happen if you lost access to this data for ever?… scary, right! 

So, what prompted me to write this? 

An independent study on Real Estate and other Real Estate related companies showed a scary amount of vulnerable companies who lack basic data protection measures like passwords, encryption, multifactor authentication and software updates. Hackers are now done with the larger companies and are now targeting for the smaller fish in the pond, look at the below article: 

Written by Shekina Tuahene (Twitter Feed @ShekinaMS ) 

The points made in the above article can be applied to any industry where collecting and storing personal data is required. 

I’m sure it’s safe to say you know your own business, but working in the IT industry for over 30 years, we have come to know how dangerous the modern technical age has become. 

Have I Got You To Think About Data Security? 

If you already have an IT department then please refer them to this article, our objective is simply to get people to think and consider data security more seriously. 

If you need help securing your IT or simple need a little advice remember a phone call costs next to nothing, but can potentially save you thousands.  

A big thank you to @ShekinaMS  for allowing me to include her article.  

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